Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Lower Rock Creek

Last weekend, I took my first trip to Lower Rock Creek. While not the easiest hike to find, there are no signs to mark the turnoff or the trailhead, it is well worth the trouble of finding. The only indication that you're at the trailhead is an old metal gate. The hike difficulty itself can be either easy or moderate depending on how far you go up or down the creek. There is a good map on One important note, shortly after getting on the trail it Y's. Make sure to go to the left. The trail to the creek is pretty well groomed and easy to follow. Once at the creek, though, you have to follow the creek or a thin trail that follows the creek on the side. The beauty and uniqueness makes this hike worth while but if you want an identifiable trailhead, trail maps, or real trail this may not be for you. Take a look at the gallery below for the beauty of lower rock creek.

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